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Being Digital is a non-fiction book about digital technologies and their possible future by technology author, Nicholas Negroponte. It was originally published in January 1995 by Alfred A. Knopf.In 1995, Nicholas Negroponte outlines the history of digital technologies in his book, Being Digital. Along with the general history, he also predicts possibilities for the future of these technologies and where he sees their focus on advancement lacking such as his belief that high-definition television becomes obsolete in comparison to its transition to a digital medium.[1] Being Digital provides a general history of several digital media technologies, many that Negroponte himself was directly involved in developing. The message in Nicholas Negroponte’s, Being Digital, is that eventually, we will move toward an entirely digital society (be it newspapers, entertainment, or sex). Being Digital also introduces the «Daily Me» concept of a virtual daily newspaper customized for an individual’s tastes.[2] This prediction has also come to pass with the advent of web feeds and personal web portals.

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